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Student registration

STudent registration


  • 1-Applicants who secure admission to CHC College shall register on the date specified by the Office of the Registrar.
  • 2-Students must register in person. In an event a student cannot be present in person during registration, permission to register by proxy must be obtained from the AVP or the Dean of College.
  • 3-A student cannot attend classes without completing registration formalities.



  • 1-The Office of the Registrar shall issue grade reports for the semester and submit them to the respective departments at least a day before the registration.
  • 2-A student shall collect his/her grade report from his/her respective department by presenting a valid ID card.
  • 3-A student shall complete the registration slip in triplicate consisting of the courses that he/she will take in that particular semester.
  • 4-Then, he/she shall pay for the courses listed in the registration slip and present the cash receipt along with the forms to his/her academic advisor and get his/her signature.
  • 5-Finally, he/she shall take the forms to the Office of the Registrar to get the seal. The registration process shall be considered incomplete without the seal of the Registrar.



  • 1- Students must produce the cash receipt indicating the amount of money they have paid for the courses they will take in the first year first semester.
  • 2-Students shall complete the appropriate course registration forms specifying the course titles, course numbers, periods, classrooms, sections, etc.
  • 3-Students shall present the completed forms in triplicate to their academic advisor and get his/her signature.
  • 4-Students shall then take the forms to the registration desk and get the registrar seal on the forms filled in triplicate, and submit one of the forms to the Office of the Registrar, one to his/her department and should keep one with her/him.
  • 5-The registration would be incomplete if a student misses any one of the above stages in the registration process.
  • 6-The registration process is only considered complete when the seal of the Registrar is stamped on the registration slip.


        A student who is admitted or readmitted may request any of the above-mentioned transfers

  • 1-A request for transfer from other Universities and Colleges to CHC College must obtain final approved by the Academic Vice President.
  • 2-Transferred students can request exemption for relevant courses that are also offered by the new department.
  • 3-Exemption will be allowed only for courses with a grade of 'C' and above
  • 4-Both Interdepartmental and Intradepartmental transfers will be allowed if the student's CGPA is 2:00 and above at the time of request.
  • 5-Course exemption, especially of major courses is at the discretion of the department.

    Rules for Transfer

        Transfer concerns the following changes in a student's academic affairs. Thus, a student may request a transfer from:

  • 1-Degree program to Diploma program;
  • 2-Diploma program to Degree program;
  • 3-Diploma program to Diploma program;
  • 4-Department to Department;
  • 5-Campus to campus;
  • 6-From other Universities and Colleges to CHC College;
  • 7-Section to Section



  • 1-Any student can withdraw for academic or non-academic reasons. However, she/he must do so officially to maintain good standing and eligibility for possible readmission. He/she can apply for withdrawal up to one week before end of classes.
  • 2-The Department Head, in consultation with the academic advisor of the student, decides whether the student is eligible to withdraw. When convinced, the Department Head issues a permission slip to the student. The student then files the permission slip with the Registrar and completes the withdrawal procedures as outlined by that office. Where it is impossible to do this in person, it must be done by a letter duly signed by the student or by the person, designated by the student
  • 3-A student who withdraws for non-academic reasons can apply for readmission.
  • 4-Withdrawals based on valid reasons shall be approved by:
  • the concerned Department Head, if the withdrawal is requested within 30 days after registration;
  • The Dean, if the withdrawal is requested 30 days after registration but not more than 60 days. In both cases, there will be no reimbursement of fees paid.



  • 1-Readmission concerns a student who has discontinued his/her education and has officially withdrawn from the University College and wishes to continue his/her studies.
  • 2-A student shall have completed at least one semester prior to his/her withdrawal to apply for readmission.
  • 3-A first year, first semester student who has discontinued his/her education without taking the final exam cannot apply for readmission.
  • 4-Students can apply for readmission to the same department or to another department by transfer.
  • 5-A student dismissed for academic reasons but readmitted at a later time cannot apply for course transfer if he/she requests to be transferred to another department.
  • 6-A student who withdrew due to non-academic reasons, and has been readmitted and has a CGPA of 2:00 and above can apply for a course transfer if he/she wishes to be transferred to another department. The department council can also waive an 'F' grade a student has earned if the course (s) are not relevant and not required by the new department.
  • 7- Readmission is possible any time after the date of withdrawal.
  • 8-A student dismissed twice for academic reasons cannot apply for readmission.
  • 9-To apply for readmission a student must have a minimum GPA of 1.0 if withdrawal takes place during the first semester of the first year; and a minimum CGPA of 1.50 if withdrawal takes place thereafter.
  • 10- A readmitted student can repeat up to a maximum of 5 courses in which he/she has scored 'D' or 'F'. His/her CGPA can be computed to determine his/her academic status after he/she has taken some of the five courses.
  • 11-The maximum grade a readmitted student can receive for the courses he/she has repeated is a 'C'. 12-Readmission must be approved by the Dean.
  • 13-A readmitted student shall be exempted from a course(s) that has phased out if it is not possible for the student to get a related substitute course. The 'D' or 'F' grades that the student has scored in such phased out courses shall not be included in the computation of the student's CGPA. A remark shall be put in the transcript of the student stating the condition.
  • 14-A student readmitted with a CGPA of 1.50 & 1.74 will be put on probation if his/her CGPA at the end of the semester in which he/she is readmitted falls between 1.75 and 1.99.
  • 15-A student readmitted with a CGPA of 1.75 &;1.99 will be put on probation if he/she improves his/her CGPA but fails to achieve a CGPA of 2.00 in the semester in which he/she is readmitted.
  • 16-A student readmitted to the final semester of his/her study program shall be dismissed if he/she fails to achieve a CGPA of 2.00.
  • 17-A student who wishes to be readmitted shall file an application to his/her department and completes the form designed for requesting readmission.
  • 18-The concerned department admission or student affairs committee shall examine the case and the head of the department shall approve the request and send it to the dean.
  • 19-The dean shall approve the readmission and send it to the Registrars Office.
  • 20-The Office of the Registrar shall declare the names of students who are readmitted.
  • 21-The readmitted student shall register according to the schedule set by the Registrar
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